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The World's

Concept, Film, Art & Creative Direction



Daniel Domaika

Clara Khevenhüller

Georgi Melnikov

Gert Resinger

Written & Directed by Silvia Ponce Marti

For Montreet


Narrated by Maximilian Zinn Zinneburg

Production Studio Ponce Marti

DOP Carolina Revertera

Hand Model Julia Brenner

Art Direction Silvia Ponce Marti

Editor Phillipp Kerle

Color and VFX Phillipp Kerle

Voiceover Recording - Bernhard See

Production Assistants Julia Brenner 

The fashion industry and the world are completely bananas.

Million tonnes of clothing get thrown away each year, while the fashion industry contributes to the environmental crisis by emitting 10% of all greenhouse gases yearly. Taping our leftover textiles to walls in hopes of selling them for 100.000€ as Cattelan's Banana did, or creating the museum of leftover textiles and making sculptures like Duchamp might be good ideas, but it's probably better to think of other solutions, like Montreet's upcycling collection: ZeroWaste*Kollektion.

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