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Feminist O'Clock

Concept, Film, Art & Creative Direction



Man/ Singer Silvia Ponce Marti

Girl Paula Ruiz Iglesias


Nathan Roussell and

Guillermo Ruiz-Ayúcar

Written and Directed by Silvia Ponce Marti

Production Self Produced for Mutterschifffilm

DOP Stuart Jolley-Socea

Gaffer Nathan Murrell 

Choreography Silvia Ponce Marti

Editor Silvia Ponce Marti and Jonathan Brinton

Color and VFX Jonathan Brinton 

Song(Music+Lyrics) Silvia Ponce Marti

Music Production Johannes Herbst

Mix&Master Johannes Herbst

A duo of comedy music films developed for the late night show “fahrlässig” of national austrian TV (ORF), produced by Mutterschifffilm GmbH.

„Feminist O'Clock” is a comedy music video that depicts the clichees that surround the feminist movement. The song and film aspire to make you laugh and reflect: What is feminism? What is/isn’t being done right in our society in order to achieve more gender equality?


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