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Feel Design

Concept, Creative, Film & Art Direction


Written & Directed by Silvia Ponce Marti

For @ohnebutter and @viennadesignweek 

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Production Self-Produced

Camera OP Philipp Kerle

Art Direction Silvia Ponce Marti

Voice Natalie Ferch

Editor Philipp Kerle

Color and VFX Philipp Kerle

Feel Design - A meditation on Furniture is a film created for ohne butter , a vintage store from Vienna. The film was developed as an installation for their exhibition for the Vienna Design Week 2020.


When approached by ohnebutter, I immediately thought of wanting to highlight the way the shapes of good design can make us feel, in contrast to the less distinctive shapes of mass-produced furniture. The power of good design and its characteristic forms in helping us to wind down, to be in the "now".


On one hand helping us to slow down from the hyper-digitalized world and it’s „mentality of achievement“ but also in helping us to appreciate and love the purchases we make, to hopefully buy less. To lead more conscious lives, in times of complete disruption and disorientation.


Feel Design is a love letter to good designers. And it is also an invitation to feel, to not rush, to just sit there and immerse yourself in what is. 

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