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A Millenial Dream

Concept, Creative and Art Direction,



Proyect developed with Norma Clemente

Creative Direction Silvia Ponce Marti and Norma Clemente

Art Direction and Styling Silvia Ponce Marti and Norma Clemente

Models Maria Mira and Paula Ruiz Iglesias

MUA Alba Escoda

Photography Norma Clemente and Silvia Ponce Marti

This personal project was developed as an editorial for a magazine. 


We show the transformation of an influencer obsessed with showing the "perfect reality" of her life.  After an encounter in dreams with a "goddess of truth" she wakes up transformed, realizing that nothing she shows on the networks is real.

This editorial invites us to dare to be ourselves, empowering us in the face of the enslavement to which social networks and likes subject us.